is located between the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru in Tanzania. The population of Karansi is 12000 people.


The socio-economic situation of Karansi consists of small scale agriculture, keeping of livestock and small business in Karansi town. Most tools and equipment people use is of low technology standard like e.g. hand hoe and low quality seeds locally produced. The size of land people own is only one or two hectares.


Climate conditions are also not so good. For 15 years rainfalls have been unpredictable, which has hindered agricultural activities and has caused poor harvests. The outcome has been poor economic stability in the community.


A high number of children in Karansi cannot afford to attend school. Many live in poor, marginalized families who cannot afford proper education. Only poor health and nutritional services are available in the community of Karansi.

Starting to establish academic institutions has begun to reduce some problems and has helped the community to live a life

free of bondages.