Evangelical Lutheran Church of Karansi 

is part of the ELCT Northern Diocese, Siha District. 

We try to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, who always served each person holistically. Jesus taught

the people, he fed them and he healed the sick.

People in Karansi have spiritual and physical needs.

They also have an enourmous educational need.


The children and young people in our community are desperate. They want to learn and go to School. That is why we decided to run our own Primary School, a Hostel,

a Vocational Training College and a special centre for handicapped children.


We have plans to expand the educational centre beyond the village of Karansi. Children's hope is education!


In 2003, when Pastor Joshua Laiser came to Karansi, the village faced high opposition from the Karansi natives.  The conflict went on for 7 years. Amid these suffering, the church in Karansi has continued to operate and many, many people have been touched and joined the Christian faith.                                                                                       











        Meet the LEADERSHIP TEAM 

   "A cord of three strands ist not quickly torn apart"

                                  Ecclesiastes 4:12







is a graduate from the Mwika Theological College in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. He has been serving at Karansi Lutheran Parish since 2003. He is a true shepherd after God's own heart. 

His heart is full of compassion for the poor. With great perseverance and in God's grace his aim is to eradicate poverty in his community.





The two young men below are Pastor Joshua's .most devoted team members.  Together they serve the people of Karansi. The challenges are often overwhelming, especially financially. Needed resources are rarely enough, but they keep on trusting the Lord, because HE cares and HIS promises are truth.


Piniel Samwel Laizer


is principal at Karansi Vocational Training College. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science from the Institute of Accountancy Arusha and a Masters of Business Administration (Finance) from Mount Meru University.
He is motivator, counselor and trainer for youth

and adults in entrepreneurship skills and capacity building. He is delighted to see his community coming out from poverty and ignorance. His believes in education as key and light for community development.

Uncle FRANK loves CHILDREN and they love him!


Frank Swai

is a graduate from Stefano Moshi Memorial University College with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. He has been personal assistance of Pastor Joshua Laiser since 2014.
He has passion to serve the community and ensuring the elimination of poverty in his community.

His belief is, when the community is uplifted through education and training, they will be free from poverty bondage.