In regards to the final school examinations for Grade 7 (last class of primary school)

NURU school has been placed number ONE among the 28 primary schools in Siha District.

Nuru School scored among the top 10% of all primary schools in Tanzania.

November 2020







  NURU English Medium School






"Let us introduce you to our school!"




It is a Primary School (grades 1-7)

All classes are taught in English to

prepare us for Secondary School.

Usually there are 35 - 40 students

in one class, 296 in the whole School.







      Our TEACHERS ...




At lunch time we eat MAKANDE

a mixture of maize and beans.


NEW - startingOctober 2020

protein rich PORRIDGE

for breakfast. It contains maize,

millet, rice, soy and ground nuts.






During break time we like to play  outside.