KARIBU!  Welcome to Karansi, Tanzania!



please partner with us in serving the people of Karansi, a small village in the north of Tanzania, situated very close to Kilimanjaro National Park.



They deserve a chance to develop it and we are trying to support them so that they will be able  to succeed and escape the cycle of poverty.


A very high percentage of people in Karansi are children and youth. They wish for an opportunity to go to school and get a good EDUCATION. Learning requires concentration which in turn requires proper NUTRITION and HEALTH CARE.


FRIENDS of Karansi, your support is highly valued and appreciated. Eventually we want

to become independent from outside help. But right now we need good Samaritans who come alongside us for a season until we can sustain ourselves. We thank you for all the help you will be able to provide. 


This Website intends to give  insight in what the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Karansi  provides especially for children and young people to give them hope for a better life in the future.

We say "Ansante Sana!"




We are passionate about releasing children from poverty by giving them a good education and by providing proper nutrition & health care. Please join us  in giving them new hope for a better future!